Welcome to the Case Books of Octavius Bear

Alternate Universe Mysteries for Adult Animal Lovers.  This five book series relates the exploits of super-sleuth Octavius Bear and his cohorts. Just for fun, it swaps anthropomorphic animals  for humans in a world very similar to our own 21st century earth – minus Homo Sapiens. They died off courtesy of a colossal solar flare some 100,000 years ago leaving four footed and finned mammals, birds and reptiles suddenly capable of complex thought, enhanced emotions, self awareness, social consciousness, and the ability to communicate, sometimes orally, sometimes telepathically, sometimes both. Many species developed opposable digits, fingers or claws. And as this altered civilization advanced, so too did the opportunity for criminal activity. Enter our hero, nine feet tall, eleven hundred pounds and his two foot side kick Maury Meerkat.  We’ll keep you posted on the madcap doings and the unique cast of characters in each book.  Stick around!! And oh, yes, Book One – The Open and Shut Case and Book Two – The Case of the Spotted Band are available from MX Publishing USA and Amazon as well as selected bookstores. Come join the fun!

The Case Books of Octavius Bear