The Open and Shut Case – Volume One

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A daring jewel “theft” in a Chicago museum by Imperius Drake and his cohorts, the immoral, glamorous, and totally unpredictable Chita and the highly predictable heavy, Bigg Baboon, builds up to an attempted mass assassination of the greatest genetic geniuses of the world at a Las Vegas convention. Octavius and his team, Maury Meerkat, Bruce Wallaroo, Frau Schuylkill, Wyatt Where and Howard Watt do battle with his nemesis, who plans to use a highly advanced, portable, high precision, endoatmospheric, charged particle beam projector and a 372 carat sapphire to incinerate 1000 scientists. We’re keeping it simple for you.

Also prominent in the story is Octavius’ “on again, off again” love interest, Bearoness Belinda Béarnaise Bruin (nee Black) a spectacular semi-retired premiere polar aqueuse with the aqua review, “Some Like It Cold.” Now an immensely wealthy and titled widow living in the Shetland Islands and piloting her own retired Concorde SST, “The Aquabear,” she is once more rescued from peril by the Great Bear as he foils Imperius’ dastardly plots. There is a developing side plot dealing with other universes where homo sapiens may still possibly dwell. This side plot continues through all the books.

Book One – The Open and Shut Case;  Book Two – The Case of the Spotted Band;  Book Three – The Case of Scotch;  Book Four – The Lower Case; Book Five -The Curse of the Mummy’s Case; Book Six – The Attaché Case; Book Seven – The Suit Case; Book Eight – The Crank Case; Book Nine -The Basket Case; Book Ten- The Camera Case; Book Eleven – The Wurst Case Scenario; Book Twelve – The Nut Case are all available from MX Publishing USA  –  (look under Sherlock Holmes books); Barnes & Noble and Amazon – (look under Harry DeMaio) as well as other fine bookstores. BOOK ONE IS NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON AS AN AUDIOBOOK  Book Thirteen – A Case of Déjà Vu will be released April 2021. Come join the fun!