The Case of Scotch – Volume Three

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Setting: Bearmoral Castle in the Shetland Islands, home of the exquisite and very rich Bearoness Belinda Béarnaise Bruin Bear (nee Black). She and Octavius married in Book Two but are keeping up separate residences in Scotland and Cincinnati. What starts out as a routine visit by Octavius, Maury, Otto, L.Condor, the Frau and Colonel swiftly turns into startling tales of seemingly impossible sabotage against Scottish oil rigs in the North Sea and murder at the castle. Chita reappears as the owner of an oil rig bequeathed to her by a petroleum wildcat, now-deceased. (Villains Imperius Drake and Bigg do not appear in this book.)

A bunch of other characters do appear however, including a Lion and a Unicorn, (Unicorns do too, exist!) Meet Bearbi Da Saville Rowe, one very ditzy magazine editor; cloned sheep; the Prince of Whales plus a passel of wildcat rig owners. Become reacquainted with Bearyl and Bearnice, an operatic polar and her singing partner, Leperello (Lepi) the Himalayan Snow Leopard from Book Two.   Belinda’s  in-laws, useless polar bears all, also clutter up the landscape.

After several amazing secrets are uncovered about the castle which had been converted from a luxury theme park, the murderer is exposed at a recital at the Edinbeargh Opera House. The sabotage of the oil rigs is ended by some very swift and vivid action by Octavius, Maury, Otto and Chita.  Alternate universes wander in and out of the scene.

Book One – The Open and Shut Case;  Book Two – The Case of the Spotted Band;  Book Three – The Case of Scotch;  Book Four – The Lower Case; Book Five -The Curse of the Mummy’s Case; Book Six – The Attaché Case; Book Seven – The Suit Case; Book Eight – The Crank Case; Book Nine -The Basket Case; Book Ten- The Camera Case; Book Eleven – The Wurst Case Scenario; Book Twelve – The Nut Case are all available from MX Publishing USA  –  (look under Sherlock Holmes books); Barnes & Noble and Amazon – (look under Harry DeMaio) as well as other fine bookstores. BOOK ONE IS NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON AS AN AUDIOBOOK  Book Thirteen – A Case of Déjà Vu will be released April 2021. Come join the fun!